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What's New
Groton Pony Club
We had a massive showing at GPC and did really well!  Great job everyone! Big congrats to Hannah, Caitlin, Vera and Margo for their wins.  Also a big congrats to all our riders completing their first show!  Welcome to the Event Team!

Grace -3rd
Michelle -4th

Advanced Elementary
Hannah 1st
Claire 3rd
Mary 3rd

Nicki 2nd

Pre Elementary
Caitlin 1st

Vera 1st
Stella 2nd
Paige 3rd
Rosie 4th
Honorable Mention:  Cathlene

Leadline Starter
Margo 1st
Simon 2nd
Quinn 3rd

Hitching Post Farm
Alison 1st BN

We have a few show recaps.  Ann and Kim took off to Cutter Farm for a quick early season 2-phase a few weeks ago.  Ann won her training class and Kim and Willie came in third.  

Last weekend was UNH.  Alison finished 4th, Caitlin finished 5th in BN, Julia finished 5th in novice. Abby finished 6th in novice.  Ann and Ozzy didn't win... so you know what that means!  

A huge, huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to help with the annual move back to the summer barn! Mother nature smiled down on us with an amazing day to work outside and clean up the indoor and open up the summer barn.  (of course, we were also greeted with a snow and sleet storm on Tuesday!) 

Just for anyone who doesn't understand what is involved with the move and doesn't understand how much we appreciate those that come out to help, here is a summary of what we do on this day:  
- Move approximately 26 horses from point 
A to point B
- completely empty 28 stalls from shavings
- clean 6 months worth of horse manure out of 7-8 paddocks
-empty the hay and shavings storage bins and clean them
-move all the horses water buckets, feed buckets, tack, blankets (3/horse!!!)
-empty the tack and grain room of all our belongings
-scrub the upstairs and downstairs tack room, viewing room, bath room from top to bottom
- remove all the cobwebs from stalls, aisles, and tack/grain room
-rake up all pathways, roadways, etc around the property
-drag the ring
-take down all the round pens in the back of the indoor 
-drive tractor back to Wheeler
-organize all the stuff that comes from Indoor to Wheeler (blankets, buckets, supplies)
-rake up all the winter leaves around the Wheeler property
-bed 16 stalls at Wheeler with shavings
-Fill water buckets and troughs around Wheeler
-Organize all the incoming tack upstairs at Wheeler
-Get working hoses to all paddocks at Wheeler
-and a few other odds and end, but I think you get the point! 

We obviously couldn't get this done in a day without so many of you volunteering your time for the day to do some nasty, very hard jobs.  You are so very very much appreciated! 

March 31st
Big thank you to Keith Angstadt for coming out for a dressage Ride Critique Ride today!  Lots of great tips and advice! 

Also thanks to Lainey Johnson and Jennifer Ravilico for coming out all winter for amazing dressage and jumping lessons!
Aiken 2-Phase Promo Video
A little fun with the ATF crew at Course Brook Farm