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What's New!

Groton Pony Club
ATF had a real strong showing at GPC.  Here are results! 
Lucy and Duncan- 3rd Nov. 
Gracy and Rufus- 1st BN
Claire H. and Ruby -2nd BN
Erin and Nellie - 5th BN
Tracy and Ebony - 1st AE
Elal and Fern - 2nd AE
Katie and Dodger - 3rd AE
Jacob and Ben- 3rd AE
Sarah and Morrighan- 4th AE
Katie and Rosie - 5th AE
Alexandra and Morrighan - 7th AE
Maia and Meeko- 1st E
Claire E and Ruby - 2nd E
Jennifer and Rufus- 2nd E
Bella nad Dodger - 2nd PE
Mary and Sonja had great days but learned about the dreaded TE! 
Hannah loves Clyde and learned a lot of lessons today! 

Hitching Post 
Small but hardy crew braved the uncertain weather and were treated to a rather nice day. 
Barbara and Donte- 1st T
Ann and Ozzy - 3rd T
Kim and Ben keep chiseling away on the tough move up to Training. 

The first few shows of the season are out of the way, and Apple Tree Farm riders are kicking some serious butt!!!  Great work this winter getting ready to come out and shine!  

Palmer River Schooling HT
​Kim and Bentley - 3rd Nov.
Caitlin and Peanut - 5th Nov.
Mary and Monty- 6th Adv. Elem.
Alexandra and Morrighan - 3rd Adv. Elem.
Lucy and Duncan - 7th BN
Tracie and Ebony- 2nd Adv. Elem. 

Cutter Farm
Alexandra and Morrighan- 1st 
Hannah and Clyde- 1st
Bella and Dodger - 1st
Julia and Dodger- 2nd
Erin and Nellie - 2nd? 3rd? 
Caitlin and PNut - 1st? 
Ann and Ozzy- 2nd

UNH Spring
1st Barbara F. and Donte
1st Caitlin D. and Peanut
2nd Tori and Otto
3rd Julia and Annie

The Aiken season is wrapping up and Alison and the crew will be heading back up north soon!  Please look over the show season plan and email Alison with the shows you would like to go to. 

First show of the season is the Cutter Farm 2-Phase on April 22nd! Make sure Alison knows if you are planning to enter.  

Move back day is scheduled for April 7th.  Back to riding outside!!!  Please consider coming to help with the clean up of the indoor barn. 

Welcome Clyde to the barn!  He's stepping into Snowball's shoes as our new school horse.  Snowball/Sleigh bell/Jack has  returned home to enjoy lounging in a field and eating grass.  Snowball would like to thank everyone for the fun times at ATF, all the treats and kisses on the nose. 

Also look for a few new faces when Alison returns.  She is bringing Mary Young's new pony, Monty, back and Lucy's new horse Duncan! 

 Winter Edition: 
ATF South is open and running.   Alison, Tori, and Lucy have about 10 horses so far down there.  I only see pictures of the horses sleeping in the sun, so not sure what's going on other than I'd like to be there too!  

 The Aiken 2-phases have started.  We have gotten the support of many sponsors that have donated tons of awesome prizes for the end of the year points contests!  Make sure to thank and support these companies!  

2017 Edition! 

The 2017 competition season has come to an end and ATF kicked butt this season! 

Check out these results: 
Groton Pony Club
1st Grace R. and Rufus (1st BN!!!)
1st Anneka and Fern
4th Kim B. and Willie (His 1st BN!!!)

Adv. Elementary
1st Katie M. and Dodger
1st Erin F. and Nellie
2nd Kate R. and Ruby
2nd Ashley and Morghian
3rd Alexandra and Morghian
4th Ayshe and Fern

​1st Jacob and Willie
2nd Maia and Dodger
3rd Jennifer R. and Rufus
5th Sarah and Snowball (1st show ever!)
5th Laura and Beans (1st show ever!)

3rd Clair and Ruby
5th Sam and Snowball

UNH Horse Trials (October)
1st Megan and Millie - BN
1st Morgan and Autumn - BN 
3rd Caitlin and Peanut - BN

GMHA (September)
1st Alison and Memphis -Nov
3rd Ann and Ozzy -Training
1st Abby and Pilot -BN
7th Kim and Bentley -Nov

Groton House Fall Classic
1st Abby and Pilot - BN
4th Claire H. and Ruby - BN
1st Tracie and Ebony - Elem.
2nd Erin and Nellie- Elem.
2nd Katie and Dodger - Elem. 
4th Tori and Otto- Elem.
8th Kim and Willie- Elem.

Grindstone Horse Trials (September)
3rd Alison and Memphis - Nov. 
2nd Abby and Pilot -  BN
2nd Megan and Millie - BN

Town Hill
1st Ann and Ozzy -Training Championships
2nd Alison and Memphis - Nov.
4th Kim and Ruby- BN

GMHA Horse Trials (August)
1st Ann and Ozzy -Training

Stoneleigh-Burnham Horse Trails
7th Ann and Ozzy -Training

Riga Meadow Horse Trials
10th Kim and Bentley - 1st Training!!!!

Groton House Horse Trials
7th Barbara and Donte - Training
10th Julia and Annie - Nov.
13th Kim and Bentley - Nov. 

Valinor Horse Trials
3rd Ann and Ozzy - PT
9th Kim and Bentley- Nov. 
10th Caitlin and Otto -Nov. 
3rd Abby and Pilot- BN
6th Tori and Snowball- BN

GMHA Horse Trials (June)
7th Ann and Ozzy - Training
7th Kim and Bentley - Novice

Grindstone Horse Trials (May)
15th Ann and Ozzy Training :(
12th Kim and Bentley Novice

UNH Horse Trials (May)
2nd Ann and Ozzy Training

Help Red and Myles
We are looking for your help with two of our beloved school horses.  They both hurt themselves badly recently and are requiring extensive and expensive veterinary care.  We are asking for donations to help offset the cost of their care.   Red may require surgery on his eye and Myles has broken a bone in his leg.  Alison will provide them with the best care available, but having two major issues at the same time is a huge financial undertaking.  Anything you can donate will be extremely appreciated by Alison, and especially Red and Myles.   We have set up a link directly to Alison's PayPal page instead of a GoFundMe, since they take a percentage of your raised money.  

We have two new summer fun programs this year:  
1.  Back by popular demand:  Advanced Rider Week.  The week will prepare riders for and culminate at the Orchard Hill Schooling Horse Trials. 

2.  Adult Rider Week:  Why should kids have all the fun.  The week will prepare riders for and culminates at the Groton House Summer Classic or a XC schooling lesson at the legendary Ledyard Farm. 

See the Summer Fun page for more information.

We are now accepting entries for the Scarlet Apple Horse Trials!  Find out more info. at the Scarlet Apple HT page. 

Early shows Results:  
The barn has gone to 3 shows already and shows that ATF is ready to play this year.  Here are some result: 

Cutter Farm 2-phase

Ann and Ozzy 1st Training
Julia and Coryelle 1st Elem. 
Claire and Myles 6th BN
Erin and Myles 2nd Adv. Elem. 
Jacob and Morrighan 5th Adv. Elem. 
Nicole and Sully 3rd BN

UNH Horse Trials
Julia and Annie - 1st Novice
Beth and Taz 2nd Novice
Ann an Ozzy 2nd Training
Morgan and Autumn - 3rd Novice

Grindstone Mountain Farm
Kim and Bentley 12th N
Ann and Ozzy 15th T
Morgan and Autumn :)
All went and had lots of fun!
Always more fun than school or work even if you don't bring home the ribbons! 

Well we survived another winter and have moved back to our summer digs. As always we give huge thanks to everyone who helped us clean up the winter barn and organize the summer one!

Aiken 2-Phase Promo Video
A little fun with the ATF crew at Course Brook Farm